Whether you're a bricks and mortar or virtual law firm, clinic or advice centre, we want to know you exist and what legal services you can deliver. 


If you're an online platform or portal, changing the way legal services are deliver, we want to know more and help you succeed. 


Got templates, check-lists, guidance or other resources that help consumers and small business?

Let us know. 


We're open to collaborating with service, portal, and resource providers to deliver your capabilities to those that need them.


We can integrate to swiftly connect services, portals and resources to make the transition swifter for prospective clients.


We can partner with providers and stakeholders that bring added value to our ecosystem.

Areas of Interest

How it works

you deliver the solution.

L.U.E needs to know what solutions and services are available to consumers and small businesses across a broad range of legal fields and problem types from across the UK. 


Knowing what solutions and services are available means L.U.E can deliver the relevant solutions that can solve the legal problems it identifies. 


We diagnose the problem...

L.U.E acts as a legal problem diagnosis application assisted by machine-learning natural language processing.


L.U.E seeks to identify the legal problem of its user and provide recommendations, guidance, and resources that could solve the problem. 

Legal Utopia

Join the hundreds of other services, portal and resource providers today. 


App design and functionality may vary. 

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App design and functionality may vary from images displayed. 

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